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Japanese PS Store Update For April 2nd – Wrasslin’ In The Streets Of Resistance UPDATED

Submitted by on Thursday, 2 April 2009No Comment

japanese_psnIrrasshaimase, we begin our PS Store Thursday update-a-thon with the land of the of the not so rising Yen.  Japan can get its wrassle on with WWE Legends of Wrestlemania, show their patriotic side and slap you silly with that Ryu and gang LBP Sackboy or just shut the door, close the blinds and enjoy inflicting Pain to a hot Nurse or a girl mysteriously called “Muffy”.  We know what we would do.

UPDATE: Three videos sneak up on your Japanese self.  Killzone 2, H.A.W.X. and a showcase of PSN titles.

Oh and a little game called Resistance 2 gets mapped and skinned (it’s far less gruesome than it sounds).  Read more for the full update, but you must excuse us now. Toire wa doko desu ka?

Game Demos (free)

  • WWE Legends of Wrestlemania – 1012 MB

Add-on Game Content


  • Street Fighter Pack (Â¥600)
  • Ryu (Â¥200)
  • Chun-li (Â¥200)
  • Guile (Â¥200)
  • Zangief (Â¥200)


  • Muffy (Â¥100)
  • Nurse Ginger (Â¥100)

Resistance 2

  • Aftermath Map Pack (Â¥600)
  • Multiplayer Skins  Bundle (Â¥400)
  • Rachael Parker Multiplayer Skin (Â¥100)
  • Female Soldier Multiplayer Skin (Â¥100)
  • Ravager Multiplayer Skin (Â¥100)
  • Cloven Multiplayer Skin (Retribution model) (Â¥100)
  • Ranger Variation Multiplayer Skin (Â¥100)
  • Black Ops Variation Multiplayer Skin (Â¥100)

Game Videos (free)

  • X Blades – Promotional Video

04/03/09 Update

Game Videos (free)

  • Killzone 2 Online Demo
  • H.A.W.X. Gameplay Trailer
  • PS Store Recommend Title Lineup 1