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Katamari Forever rolling out this Autumn

Submitted by on Thursday, 30 April 2009No Comment

we_love_katamari_ostIf you have never played a Katamari game before, our excitement about the announcement of the next game – Katamari Forever – will probably be lost on you completely.

Even if we explain what this game entails, we’re pretty sure that all we will get are funny looks and people slowly moving away from us, smiling politely.

But for those of you who have played any of the Katamari games before, you know why we’re stoked, right?

Of course you do! Katamari is right up there with Noby Noby Boy in terms of bizarre gaming experiences. 

The goal is to roll round your ball (or Katamari) and stick things to it. Small things like tacks and fluff are the usual types of objects you collect to begin with. Once you have stuck a suitable number of items on your Katamari and it has grown to a big enough size, you complete the level.

However, as the levels progress and the ball of tat gets bigger, you are able to collect larger and larger items. The odd glass of juice here, the family pet there; whatever takes your fancy. Even cars, people and houses are fair game in these more advanced levels.

All this in the name of pleasing the King of All Cosmos.

At least, that was the idea behind previous games. This time around however, things are a bit darker.

Something has been putting out the stars in the night sky and has also sent the King of All Cosmos into a deep coma. As the Prince, you must start rolling and get together enough items to restore the stars in the sky and find a way to cure the King.


A typical day in the life of Prince. Sorry, THE Prince.

A typical day in the life of Prince. Sorry, THE Prince.

Not only that, but there seem to be filters for different visual styles, from ‘wood’, which gives everything a warm woody sepia tone  to ‘comic’, which recreates the comic-book feel via heavy black lines and vivid colours.

With the inclusion of both co-operative and competetive multiplayer game modes, this could be another great title added firmly into the ‘quirky’ genre when it is released exclusively on the PS3 this Autumn. We’ll be keeping a close eye on this game, updating you as more info becomes available.

Are you still there?


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