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Killzone 2 – Steel and Titanium DLC details; hints at future content – UPDATED

Submitted by on Sunday, 12 April 200910 Comments

The SteelSpeaking of self-imposed banishments, the PS3 Attitude team have returned from exile and are ready to continue delivering all the best PS3 related news we can shake our vagabond hands at.

We hope you can forgive us this slight abeyance over the last couple of days as we recharged numerous depleted batteries with our loved ones (and caught up with some gaming of our own).

We didn’t down tools completely of course and kept an ever vigilant eye on the industry so we could unleash PlayStation 3 news direct into your cerebral cortexes with renewed vim and vigor.

Definitely the most important story to hit the tubes over the spring break, Guerrilla Games have announced details of Killzone 2’s first DLC pack. We told you it was coming, but just what does it contain?

Entitled Steel and Titanium, the pack features two maps and will allow for some new combat variations in stomping grounds familiar to all Killzone 2 fanatics.

Speaking during the latest episode of GameTrailers TV, Herman Hulst, Guerilla Games’ Marketing Manager, revealed the company’s plans for “frequent and consistent downloadable content”. Herman also dropped the bombshell that both locations, sourced directly from the single player campaign, feature two of the fans’ favourite areas.

The “Steel” half of the pack will take place on the New Sun and introduce a whole new dynamic to the online arena with the concept of “verticality” completely shaking up the mix. You’ll take flak from both above and below decks in this multi-leveled close-quartered battleground and successful players will need to use the level’s distinct layout if they have any interest in survival.

The “Titanium” map is where things get extremely dangerous. Featuring two “high speed Helghast freight trains”, players start on one and must make their way to the end of the other. Cross-train jumping is obviously possible and introduces a degree of “environmental danger” as, no longer just having to worry about your opponent blowing your head off, time that jump wrong and you’ll quickly take yourself out of the game.

Throw The Helghast From The Train

Throw The Helghast From The Train

The good news continues as the first two-map pack comes with the shocking price of absolutely nothing and is due before the end of this month.

Check out the trailer for footage of the levels on display and, just at the end of the interview, Herman’s subtle tease about the second pack currently in development. Only able to reveal one word about the future content, Herman gets us all both postulating and salivating with two simple syllables – “Retro”.

Will we be seeing some Killzone 1 environments appear as DLC for Killzone 2 soon? Let us know what you think in the comments.

Update: it appears that the source that stated the new map pack would be free (Dutch site Tweakers) apparently got their wires crossed and the pack will in fact incur a charge. Sorry folks!