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Live or die, make your choice; new Saw screenshots

Submitted by on Tuesday, 14 April 20092 Comments

saw-1If it’s Halloween, then it must be time for another film in the Saw franchise. But wait, it’s not Halloween. That doesn’t stop Konami from making a video game based on the popular horror movie.

Saw will join the ranks of Resident Evil, Silent Hill, and Deadspace and hopes to expand the survival horror genre by pitting players against Jigsaw and his terrifying yet ingenious traps. How much blood will you shed to stay alive?

David Daniels, the Director of Marketing for Konami had this to say about Saw

“Konami, partnering with Lionsgate and Twisted Pictures to create Saw was a very organic synergy. As the leader in the survival horror genre, it only made sense to align with one of cinema’s most iconic horror franchises to create an entirely new survival horror experience.”

What new horrors does Jigsaw have for us? How will the popular film translate to the gaming world? The first thing that came to mind was Saw III and how players could take control of a character similar to Jeff and go through a series of ‘tests’ in order to save others. Any ideas? Let us know in the comments!