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MAG to offer a “deeper” multiplayer than COD

Submitted by on Tuesday, 7 April 20093 Comments

mag-screenYou know what they always say: Why do buses always come in threes? Well you could say that MAG (Massive Action Game) is just like buses – We wait nearly a year for more information about MAG, and then three pieces of news come at once, in the space of just four days.

Tony Iuppa, from Zipper Interactive, who is behind the up-and-coming 256 player multiplayer game exclusive to the PS3, has been speaking to NowGamer who are behind the Play magazines in the UK.

Firstly, he compares MAG to the highly successful Call of Duty franchise:

Call of Duty is a great franchise, and we expect them to continue to make great shooters. What really sets MAG apart from COD and other shooters on the market, however, is our multiplayer focus.

Now Call of Duty is probably the first game that comes to most people’s minds in the game market when they think multiplayer, so what makes Zipper’s new game different? He continues:

MAG is 100% multiplayer and has been since day one. This has let us spend all of our development resources on creating a deeper MP experience, which supports tight shooter gameplay seen in games like COD, but that’s just the foundation of our offering.

He then goes into detail on specifics:

The amount of gameplay variety in MAG, the depth of our skills and gear, the Shadow War (the ongoing tournaments between factions), and strong community tools all create an extremely rich MP environment, one we believe is truly unique on the consoles

Well it all sounds very ambitious, but I’m afraid if you want to read the interview in full which I’m sure you want to just like us, you have to wait till the 16th of this month. Play magazine are also running a preview in next week’s edition… Oh we are getting excited already!