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MAG: “A new kind of war is coming…” – to Afghanistan, Mexico and Alaska

Submitted by on Wednesday, 8 April 2009One Comment

Mag mapThey haven’t made it terribly easy to find but there’s a new official MAG site up for your rabid ocular dissection.

In the grand tradition of recent reveals, there’s very little to get your teeth into so don’t get too excited just yet. In fact, all you get is a map – and a pretty bare one at that.

More a “tidbit” rather than a fully fledged “exposé”, funky things start to happen when your prying mouse pointer highlights certain locations.

Have Zipper Interactive just declared where this new kind of war will be occurring?

Run your mouse over the map and you’ll notice that three particular regions begin to “glow” and cause a series of subliminal flashes of in-game screenshots to appear.

The locations in question are Alaska, Central America (maybe Mexico but more likely the likes of El Salvador or Nicaragua) and Central Asia – maybe Afghanistan or Russia. Hell – it could be Kazikstan for all we know. (We’re joking, we know our geography here at PS3 Attitude and the hot spot is actually focused on south Turkmenistan and probably equates to Afghanistan in the game considering the latter country’s recent troubled history).

We’re not saying these are the locations that will feature in the game. Then again, a mouse rarely lies.