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MAG “only possible on PS3” says Sony – Update

Submitted by on Friday, 3 April 20095 Comments

mag-screenshotSCEA Marketing manager John Koller has spoken to VG247 about MAG, the game currently billed for the end of this year.

MAG, which is a massive online battle game, was announced at the climax of Sony’s E3 conference last year. Little has been revealed about the game since, however, Sony appears to be starting to finally talk more about the title to the public.

Speaking to the site, he brought forward his belief that MAG can only be done on a PS3:

If you look at that competitively, it’s something that’s only possible on PS3. The processor speed, the ability of PS3 to showcase 256 players at any given time, and their actions.

We are sure some PCs could handle the power of 256 players, be it expensive ones. But what makes it easier for developers is that every machine is almost identical, unlike computers.

He continues by comparing the experience in the title to SOCOM:

It’s basically like an iteration of SOCOM, where you’re maybe commanding the SEALs, and someone else has the Rangers, and the Green Berets, and so on

So it sounds like MAG is actually part of SOCOM. This would be a good move in our opinion since it is an established franchise, and so should boost sales of the game.

‘Massive Action Game’ is certainly one of the games to look out for this year. Supporting a huge 256 players, this has never been achieved on a console before. So if you want to relive those memories of the trailer from E3, or even see it for the very first time, look no further than the YouTube video at the top of the page. Enjoy!

Update – Cindy Bowens, community manager from SCEA, has responded to the “quotation” from John Koller. She says:

I just wanted to give you a heads up in response to the quote about MAG being an “iteration of SOCOM.” I wanted to clarify that this is a misstatement.  MAG is a brand new IP and is unrelated to SOCOM. It is not a sequel nor built upon SOCOM. It will be a brand new experience.

So according to her, it has nothing to do with SOCOM after all. Still, this doesn’t make us doubt any less that ‘Massive Action Game’ will be awesome!