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Mini Ninjas plot details and concept art – updated with screen-shots

Submitted by on Thursday, 9 April 20092 Comments

Mountain Snow CastleIt seems somewhat fitting that, just as we were discussing the finer points of Ninjitsu terminology over Twitter with Dylan Jobe of LightBox Entertainment, new story details of IO Interactive’s Mini Ninjas emerges from the shadows.

Though we presented a trailer back in January, it’s now time to take a look at the plot behind this new title. What could those lovable pyjama-wearing rogues be up to?

Taking on the role of Hiro, an apprentice in the ways of the Ninja and a little wet behind his mask-covered ears, players are charged with saving the world (what else?) from the nefarious Evil Samurai Warlord. Wielding ancient magic, the despotic overlord has twisted and perverted innocent forest animals into “an army hell bent on world domination”. This is where Hiro steps in, leading a small band of shinobi against the magical legion of corrupted swordsmen to ultimately confront the world’s tormentor in his fabled Fortress of Doom.

The concept art below depicting snowy mountain tops is just one of the locations Hiro and his stealthy pals will traverse on their long journey. Other environs promised include flooded valleys, treacherous castles and bamboo forests.

Well, if just wouldn’t be a ninja game without bamboo forests now, would it?

Update: Eidos has sent out some new screens. Never ones to keep things to ourselves …