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More balls please; and tiles, cubes…

Submitted by on Tuesday, 14 April 20092 Comments

Balls. Magic ones too.TikGames and Creat Studios are bringing more content to their three most recent PSN titles from April 16th.

Magic Ball, Mahjong Tales: Ancient Wisdom and Cuboid will all gain add-on DLC packs over the next few weeks, the first being 25 all-new levels for Magic Ball.

The new Magic Ball levels are all set to deliver toil and trouble, since they’re themed around witches, and there will be a new range of trophies that arrive with the update too. The game will also gain custom soundtracks through an update to be launched around the same time as the DLC.

Cuboid is set to gain an additional 33 levels and a level editor when the Booster Pack arrives. It will also gain custom soundtrack capability through an update and will feature new trophies to collect.

“With this new add-on, anyone can take on the role of game designer to create and share levels with the rest of the Cuboid online community. Gamers can choose to create simple yet entertaining levels, or try to build levels that will challenge even the most cunning Cuboid players.” – Anatoly Tikhman, founder and CEO of TikGames.

Finally, Mahjong Tales: Ancient Wisdom is set to gain 25 all new layouts to beat in Infinity mode, as well as a level editor that allows players to create their own layouts from scratch and share their creations with other gamers by hosting an online multiplayer game on their custom-created level.

Mahjong players can then save any new customized level that they have created or played via online multiplayer invitation to their HDD. Also included is a series of new trophies, obtainable by only the most dedicated Mahjong players. Finally, highly-requested mouse support will also be made available via a free patch download.

The first Booster Pack arrives this Thursday with the other two arriving in the following weeks.