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No online co-op DLC for Burn Zombie Burn!- planned for future games – Doublesix

Submitted by on Monday, 13 April 2009One Comment

Zombies + Fire=FunThe break is over and we’re now knuckling down in an effort to mow through the backlog of interviews, game database updates, reviews (expect five pretty soon) and assorted behind-the-scenes tasks that make PS3 Attitude such a fun place to work.

During this process, and while typing up our Burn Zombie Burn! interview with Jim Mummery, Creative Director at Doublesix, we locked on to the following nugget and, as a preview to the actual interview that will be up tomorrow, thought you would like an early free glimpse of what’s coming.

We covered a lot of topics in the interview, from digital distribution emerging as a viable model to sell games to whether or not Doublesix flirted with any licencing issues due to the game’s level of “homage” towards the likes of Bruce Campbell and other properties.

Another big area we wanted to know about was what is in the works in terms of DLC for Burn Zombie Burn! As most people who purchased the game will surely attest, the game is a riot with the multi-player aspect a particular fun mode. Unfortunately, we have some less than good news for those waiting for any sort of online co-op hijinks.

Jim tells it straight:

Most likely what you’ll see first is new maps and new challenges – possibly some new modes but no online co-op any time soon I am afraid – although you will see that in our future games.

Check back tomorrow for more information about Doublesix’s “future games”. We think their plans might surprise a few people.