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“No plans” for PS3 Bionic Commando demo

Submitted by on Monday, 20 April 2009One Comment

Bionic CommandoSpeaking with Capcom this week, Eurogamer have confirmed that, though a demo of up and coming action-swinger Bionic Commando will grace XBL in the coming weeks, there are “no plans” for a PS3 version.

Considering the amount of love Capcom have been showing the PS3 over the last few months, this decision has taken us a little by surprise.

There was a Resident Evil 5 demo (of course) which saw download numbers of close to a couple of million on the PSN. Has Sony’s recent (i.e. since October) decision to charge publishers per GB downloaded from the PSN made some publishers think twice about releasing a demo?

Of course there is still time for a demo for Bionic Commando to feature on the PSN but, with the above comments and the fast approaching release date of May 22nd, we are at least running out of time for a pre-release demo at this rate.

Conspiracy theorists could also suggest that Capcom purely do not have the time to get a PS3 demo of the game completed before the release. We’re not sure which console is acting as lead but, considering there is also a PC version, we doubt it’s the PS3.

Timelines get squeezed. Dates are missed. Either way you look at it, we’re not getting a demo and this is somewhat disappointing as, being a new IP, a demo is almost mandatory to help convince those tentatively interested in the game but still on the fence.