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Plants Vs. Zombies “on as many platforms as possible” – PopCap

Submitted by on Thursday, 23 April 20094 Comments

Plants Vs. ZombiesWhether you like it or not, casual gaming is big business.

With Sony recently doffing their hat to Nintendo for literally opening up a whole new market, there’s no sign of the scourge of the hardcore gamer going away anytime soon. In fact, there’s every sign to indicate casual gaming is only going to get even bigger and … weirder.

How weird? We’re talking cutesy singing plants fighting off the undead type weird.

Our good friends over at MCV pointed us towards’s recent article outlining the possible invasion (again!) of even more zombies to the PSN. This time, they’ll be fended off by some lively flora however.

A spokesperson for PopCap said:

“To reach […]diverse audiences, our overriding mission at PopCap has to be to have our games in as many different places, and on as many platforms, as possible – to make them accessible to this audience of ‘everyone’.”

The quote goes on to say that this does not amount to confirmation at the moment but with such a strong declaration of intent, we’re assuming it will only be a matter of time before we see this happy undead extermination game on the PSN. Don’t forget, PopCap are already in negotiations to bring some of their existing and popular titles to the Sony playground and it would make logical sense for this agreement to include as many games as possible.

Finally, if you think the premise of Plants Vs. Zombies sounds surreal, wait ’til you see the music video!