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PlayTV receiving new firmware update

Submitted by on Thursday, 2 April 20092 Comments

playtvThe digital switchover is starting to roll out across many regions in the UK, so what better time for the popular Digital TV adapter for the PS3 to receive a brand new feature-filled update.

PlayTV is currently only available in a select number of countries within the PAL market, and not only does it allow you to watch programmes, you can record them too and even stream content to your PSP.

So, what is actually new in the software update? In a new video released by Sony today detailing the enhancements, Mark Bunting, the producer of PlayTV, announces than the update introduces an SD upscaler. Apparently the SD upscaler improves the picture quality further from what you can get currently.

Other new features include new fast-forward and rewind speeds, new volume controls and the ability to go straight into watching TV from the PS3 XMB menu without having to navigate through the adapter’s menu system first.

Finally, he confirms that PlayTV plans to support HD TV viewing when it becomes available across the region. This will mean there’s no need to ditch the equipment to watch your favourite channels in High-Definition when the time comes. Well, that will be a relief to a lot of people!

Features like these really add to the value of the device, and we look forward to seeing what more Sony can squeeze out of the little black box in the future.

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