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PS3 Attitude’s April Fools roundup 2009

Submitted by on Wednesday, 1 April 20093 Comments

poisson rougeIt has been a long time since our last PS3-related April Fools Roundup – a year to be precise!

Back then we brought your attention to a console version of World of Warcraft, motorbikes in GT5: Prologue and a $150 PS3 that has no Blu-ray drive.

What foolishness did we uncover today?

It seems that Helghan is not immune to the joys of April 1st, with not one but two ruses released today.

The best of these comes from Guerrilla Games themselves, who published an almost-impossible-to-replicate key sequence that would apparently unlock Visari as a playable character.

In addition to that Killzone-flavoured joke, we watched this cute video from IGN, which has surprisingly good production values!

The best video of the day however goes to Konami and Kojima Productions, who came up with this awesome Metal Gear Solid video… truly brilliant.

Our ‘best buds’ over at TheSixthAxis have been teasing this particular joke for some time now on Twitter, and finally they announced the Sinclair Spectrum Emulator we were all waiting for. If only it were real…

There were many ‘announcements’ made today, from the well-written to the downright crass. The best of these came from our friends at GameZine, who invented a new PS3/PS2 hardware bundle. The worst that passed our desk today was written by Thomas Cox, but we know some of our readers will appreciate it nevertheless. We even saw PS4 launch announcements.

Finally, IREM carried on the tradition they have set themselves and produced another April Fool site this year. Unfortunately, unless you speak Japanese you’re not going to really get the joke, but try using a website translator and play their text-based adventure in any case.

Did you see any other PS3-related April Fools that we missed? Or any great attempts from the world of videogames in general? Let us know in the comments…

[Thanks to @DarthMazza, @BrandondeBos, @Phil_dawson and others for keeping us amused on Twitter with April Fools Day news]