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SingStar Global Patch Adds The Kitchen Sink

Submitted by on Tuesday, 21 April 20093 Comments

davidleeroth_justagigalo_tif_jpgcopyDo you love SingStar as much as the next guy, provided that the next guy is not this guy?  Because we don’t think anybody likes SingStar as much as this guy; not after this.  If you do like SingStar at least as half as him (who shall remain nameless) we have some great news for you.  SingStar received a global patch today that brings some features that our Europeans brethren already had and then some.

The rest of the world gets the trophies Europeans had for days, including SingStarter (Sing your first song) and Super Singer Gold (Gold Trophy
Score over 9000 on 5 different songs on Hard).  So North American trophy whores enthusiasts may have some catching up to do.  A lot actually.  Trophy obsessions aside, this update brings much more than that.

Voice control lets your thumbs take the night off while you scroll the song carousel with the power of your mouth alone.  Apologies if that sounded a bit risqué, it was totally my plan though.  Just talk to the microphone and stuff happens on screen, just like that time when we convinced Phreaky that we got an early build of the update while Majiesto did everything with a DualShock3 behind his back.  Priceless.

SingStore and MySingOnline have both receive an “enhanced redesign” with this update, including a quick song purchase functionality that will be sure to help you get that hot new Ricky Martin track in no time.  Or whoever you kids are listening to these days.

All this can be yours for the price of free if you have any SingStar PS3 disc.  Now go ahead and bark orders at your SingStar mic, it will totally work without Majiesto hiding behind your couch.  Guaranteed.