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SingStar update brings alternative controls

Submitted by on Thursday, 16 April 2009No Comment

singstarSingStar is getting a substantial update today, with more coming later this month. Remember we told you about the trophies that were announced a while back?

Well, they hit today. With 30 of the blighters to collect, ranging from being utterly rubbish at a song to getting incredible scores in a hard version of a song, there is something here for everyone.

We also recall there was news of Home integration, but that has not been mentioned in the press release for this one.

So the good news is that we get trophies in the PAL region today. As always, however, good news come in tandem with bad news…

See, the update takes us up to 3.01. Which means that we need to be patient while they sort everything out.

Patient to the tune of about 8 hours. Can we handle no SingStar for eight whole hours? Moreover, we don’t know how big the update will be nor when it will be available. Suffice to say you’ll just have to keep checking it out throughout the day if you are desperate to get on and sing/shout/wail your way through the song list.

The SingStar Pop Edition, released later this month, will also bring with it the new functionality of being able to say the name of the next song you want to murder simply by talking into the mic. Then the micro-hamsters* will trundle about inside your PS3 and get that song for you without you having to so much as look at a controller.

Exciting, no?

Like the look of the current My SingStar? It's all change soon...

Like the look of the current My SingStar? It's all change soon...


Finally, is it just us or is the online side of things starting to look dated? Apparently it isn’t just us, as the community aspect of SingStar is getting an overhaul, too. We don’t know what this will entail, but we presume it will be bigger, better and shinier than ever. Think of it as SingStar: Spring Clean Edition.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t clear whether this will be part of the update today or whether this is something that will be done when SingStar Pop Edition is released.

For now, we are just delighted to see that support for the franchise continues over and above simply releasing new discs. 

What would you like to see change in the online side of things? Oh, and has anyone tried out those wireless mics yet? Let us know in the comments.

*Micro-hamster: n. Generic name collectively given to SPUs, CPUs, HDDs etc. Particularly relating to the famous home console, PS3. Also a term used to describe functions occurring within a black box. Interchangeable with Gubbins, Doodahs and Dooflers.