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Singularity gameplay videos show off environments

Submitted by on Wednesday, 29 April 20094 Comments

singularityAnother title that was announced at a former E3 (2008, if you must know), Singularity has been gaining a lot of interest lately.

The latest gameplay videos show us a number of interesting mechanics, making this more than just your usual run-of-the-mill FPS title.

But with the poor success of (possibly) similar titles such as Fracture and Timeshift, will Singularity have enough gravitational pull to make it really stand out from the burgeoning shooter crowd?

As you can see in the ‘Rail Trench Environment’ video above, and the ‘Manufacturing Environment’ video below, Singularity does deliver some surprises.

You might be inspired by the ‘Warhawklike’ force field generator, the ability to make enemies explode/catch fire and the general control over the environment. Or maybe you like the chance to ‘age’ objects such as trees, which then force other parts of the environment skywards to provide distractions and cover.

Not much is known about the story behind Singularity as of yet, but we’ll put money on their being some kind of announcement at this year’s E3. We understand that the storyline involves time control, and possibly a ‘gamescape’ that flicks between the 1950s and 2010.

It would be nice to know more. After all, it would be rude not to give us an update this year, wouldn’t it?