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Stormrisers Unite! Stormrise Multiplayer PS3 Event

Submitted by on Wednesday, 22 April 2009No Comment

stormrise_playstation_night_2Can’t get enough Stormrise?  Well the Stormrise team can’t get enough of you.  You have been formally invited by the Stormrisers to join them tonight (or this morning or afternoon depending on your time zone) for the second ever Stormrisers PlayStation 3 night.

Not only can you play with and against members of the ‘official community website for the game Stormrise‘, you will also meet fellow PS3 Stormrisers to have more frequent online matches with.  And to top it all off, you get a chance to win some cool Stormrise prizes.  We hear one of them might be an in-game or real life old worn out umbrella*.

To join be sure to boot up your Stormrise disc (really?) and add RadicalCLERIC to your PSN buddy list; he’ll start inviting people into private matches when the mood strikes it’s time to kick ass and chew bubblegum (it’s totally ok if you don’t have any bubblegum).  There will be two sessions you can potentially join this Wednesday, one at 12 noon (GMT +0) and another at 10 PM (GMT +0).  We’ve taken the liberty to convert the times so you don’t have to (we know, we’re awesome):

Session 1

  • U.S.A./Canada: Pacific 5 AM, Mountain 6 AM, Central 7 AM, Eastern 8 AM
  • Europe: Madrid 2 PM, Athens 3 PM, Belfast/Dublin/London 1 PM

Session 2

  • U.S.A./Canada: Pacific 3 PM, Mountain 4 PM, Central 5 PM, Eastern 6 PM, Atlantic 7 PM
  • Europe: Madrid 12 AM (midnight), Athens 1 AM, Belfast/Dublin/London 11 PM

But enough about time zone conversions and the pain it is to figure them out, let’s see what you can grab from those unsuspecting Stormrisers.  A player of the match will be chosen by the organisers and could receive:

  • Signed copies of Stormrise
  • Exclusive Stormrise posters
  • Stormrise umbrella T-Shirts

Free Stormrise swag and a bunch of PS3 Stormrisers to beat senseless for it; are you going to join in the fun?

*It’s neither.

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