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Takahashi-san “not involved” with Katamari Damacy Tribute

Submitted by on Thursday, 2 April 2009One Comment

Katamari Damacy TributeWhen news hit that Katamari Damacy would be getting a PS3 “tribute”, we decided to simply fire off a tweet about the matter. (ed: is it tweet or twit?)

After all, we love Katamari Damacy but there just wasn’t much to report.

We could see the article now: “Katamari Damacy Comes to PS3. Keita Takahashi’s rubbish collecting critique on consumerism will hit the PSN soon. It’s in 1080p. That’s about it.”

However, what is somewhat newsworthy is Eurogamer’s recent article that states, not only is Takahashi-san not involved with the HD update, there are people at Namco who are “very very angry” at him.

The daggers coming from the boardroom are due to Takahashi-san’s recent Noby Noby Boy venture which he claims was purposely designed with no goals or objectives and with no interest in making money. It’s the latter point than most companies in the gaming industry would take objection to.

Takahashi-san claims:

“People who are high up were very very angry with me, and sometimes if I look at them they will really glare at me.”

It’s therefore no real surprise that Namco have decided to let someone else run with the PS3 update of the popular Katamari Damacy series. Can’t let “mad” Keita anywhere near it apparently, with Namco confirming that the new game is “in good hands”.

We’re a bit miffed that Takahashi-san will not be involved as we love him dearly for his abstract outlook on life, his bold design decisions and the fact that he creates playgrounds in his spare time. The fact that this tribute is, quite frankly, milking the game for all it’s worth (and we’re ok with this considering many people would have missed the original when it first came out) it’s probably best that Takahashi-san is not involved.

His recent comments about “the consumption society” suggest he’s happy to let others squeeze as much coin from his creation as possible.