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Tales of Vesperia PS3 details – now with full voice acting

Submitted by on Tuesday, 7 April 2009One Comment

Patty, talking to YuriTales of Vesperia, Namco Tales Studio’s crazy haired and wide-eyed story of ancient technology intermixed with global catastrophe, scored highly with critics from both the East and West alike (Famitsu gave it 35/40 while Edge scored it a heady 8/10) attracting a whole legion of new devotees to the series.

For many PS3 fans however, starved of the fruits of the life-giving RPG tree, Tales of Vesperia’s release on the 360 was like the popular jock in high school taking the love of your life to the prom. And then, you know, what comes after prom.

And you have to watch.

It’s now the turn of the PS3 whippersnapper to trump his quarterback adversary as ToV comes to the PS3 with new content and some other interesting features up its ridiculously flared sleeve.

have reported some tantalising details of the upcoming PS3 version. The big addition is new playable character Patty Fleur, described as a pirate who wields both knives and guns and bears more than a passing resemblance to the pirate class of Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 2. Designed by Fujishima Kousuke, the character designer of the original game, expect Patty to fit in nicely with band mates Yuri, Raven and Flynn.

Another slight, but definitely welcomed change, is news that the entire story is now voice acted. As players of the 360 version can attest, there are some events in the story that are conveyed purely textually. These moments are now spruced up with new dialogue purposely recorded for the PS3 version.

Other new features for the PS3 include some enhancements to the story, new events, sub-scenarios, costumes and even tie-ins with the upcoming prequel anime movie. We’re assuming the latter relates mostly to the aforementioned story tweaks.

A trailer for Tales of Vesperia will appear on the Japanese store next month with the game scheduled for release in Japan this fall. There is no date for an English version though expect it before the year is out.

Here’s a pic of Patty in action.

Pirate BOOM!