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The new Bayonetta trailer may be the strangest thing you will ever see

Submitted by on Wednesday, 15 April 20092 Comments

BayonettaWe should have seen the signs. All the evidence was there.

A witch with guns on her feet who just so happens to be naked; her blushes only (sometimes) saved by the iridescent movement of her hair as she fights demons who look like angels?

This was never going to be your normal walk in the gaming park.

When you add Hideki Kamiya’s penchant for wild set pieces and a desire to push the limits of what is regarded as acceptable or “safe” game design (we’re thinking Okami and Viewtiful Joe here more than his more popular Devil May Cry series), it was fairly obvious that Kayami-san’s next offering, Bayonetta, would be anything but conventional.

But this weird?

Presented here for your viewing pleasure is a new trailer of the aforementioned Bayonetta. We’re still trying to decipher what the hell we’ve just seen, but take a look and let us know if we’re on our own with the impression that this could be the oddest, and yet strangely appealing, game in a long time.

Finally, does anyone else get a strange 70s vibe from this footage? The innuendo, the dialogue, the giant swirling snakes straight out of a Shaft film. Let us know in the comments.