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Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen DLC plan “healthy”

Submitted by on Monday, 20 April 20093 Comments

IronhidePopular rhythm games such as Guitar Hero and Rock Band have already tapped into that lucrative money-printing vein by making new songs available to the masses on a weekly basis.

After all, now that all the hard work of making the simulator part of the game is complete, it would be insane not to make use of the almost infinite back-catalogue of musical tracks out there  – for a charge.

Other games are not so lucky of course as their DLC models are usually limited by the scope of their genre. How many new weapons do people really need? We like new playing with new weapons as much as the next psycho but it’s not really the same as the feeling you gets when an album you love gets the “descending coloured stars” treatment, is it?

Then again, not many games have a cast of hundreds with a rabid fanbase pre-installed.

It seems Activision, quite possibly while flicking through a back-catalogue of the shocking amount of Transformers created down the years, have come up with the novel idea of offering new Autobots and Decepticons to download on a regular basis for their upcoming Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen game.

Stephen Totilo of Multiplayer blog fame has broke with the news of this possible never-ending robotic conveyor belt / money racket when witnessing a demo of the game last week. When asked what characters featured in the game, an Activision representative responded that the company has a “healthy DLC plan which will incorporate more characters.”

The obvious question is: how far is this going to go? I’m not a Transformers geek but I know from the usual media exposure to this property that there are literally sheds of Transformers in existence. And not only that, there are different versions of the same character depending on what “era” they’ve appeared in.

Does Activision expect people to fork out money for new ‘bots on a regular basis? What do we get with these additional robots? Do they have new abilities or perhaps come with some new missions as well for example? Or are we just getting a new robo-friend to play with?

Of course, and we can’t hide from it, the biggest question on everyone’s lips has to be: will I be able to download Optimus Prime without those godawful flames?