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Twitter Weekly Digest for 2009-04-19

Submitted by on Sunday, 19 April 20092 Comments

PS3 Attitude on TwitterIt’s that time of the week once again where we delve into the tuneful tweets floating about the interwebs.

Brodiesan is a fan of BZB, the new chat feature censorship gets… weird and we praise the lord of sensible currency conversion. Confused? So were we for a while…

  • [br] I’m pretty sure I’ve played enough of Burn Zombie Burn! to review it. Problem: writing about it means I’ll have to stop playing it! :) #
  • @Nymo [br] Did you drink some fizzy lifting drinks? 😉 Classic film. Wilder at his best. in reply to Nymo #
  • @djhsecondnature [br] You’re not on your own. *chugs* :) in reply to djhsecondnature #
  • @Capcom_Unity [br] PS3Attiude.Brodiesan.babyCount == 0; I do have a dog though. And she’s more demanding than ANY child. in reply to Capcom_Unity #
  • [br] “Why the PSP failed.” “Why OnLive will FAIL.” God, I detest these types of articles. How about: “Why Games Journalism is failing”? #
  • [br] You know it’s a good game when you’ve played it a good deal so you can write a comprehensive review … and then you keep on playing it #
  • [br] Words you are not allowed use across the new PS3 chat feature. “Fallout” (becomes *****ut) and “engine” (becomes *****e). What the … #
  • @colossalblue There’s a list of “bizarre” words being documented. I can understand Jesus and Hitler. But what if you’re a Simon or Peter? in reply to colossalblue #
  • @coverton [br] “To the Fallout Engineâ„¢ Comrades! For tonight we drink Capitalist blood!” 😉 Another bizarre banned word: “Connection”. in reply to coverton #
  • My money’s on the gorilla: #gorillavshyenas #
  • @AAron_Molloy Not really, since in the UK we get unlimited broadband for £10/$15 a month… sorry! in reply to AAron_Molloy #
  • If you’re one of our US followers, and want 773 free MP3 files from Amazon, follow this link – – they’re not all crap…! #
  • @cc_starr Indeed – in fact, there’s a whole bunch of good stuff there for free. Of course, you could just use Spotify instead… in reply to cc_starr #
  • RT @Platform_Nation: [br] Killzone 2 DLC Not Free: The once thought free map pack for Killzone 2 is not free. #
  • [br] Updated our post that stated the Killzone 2 DLC map-pack will be free. Tweakers got their wires crossed apparently. Sorry folks! :( #
  • @WesPhillips If only the rest of the family would take his lead, we could be rid of them all… 😉 in reply to WesPhillips #
  • Future publishing are sending out the missing @OPM_UK page via email now. As expected, it contains nothing SE would want to quash. #
  • Why aren’t there Sackboys on the shelves of GAME, and even Clinton Cards? It works for Toro… #
  • [br] G’night Twitterland. Our East Coast team will now be handling the night-shift. This is PS3 Attitude (Europe) signing out. #
  • [br] Anyone focusing on the “TBA” part on the PS blog for the KZ2 pack and wishing it might still mean free. Nope. Confirmed. Moving on … #
  • @SpellOfPlay [br] Fresh coffee FTW! Just had two large cups of lavazza. About to run through a few walls now. in reply to SpellOfPlay #
  • @colossalblue @cc_starr You bet. If we find anything else out about the card, we’ll let you know – keep your eye on the post for updates… in reply to colossalblue #
  • [br] Thanks to Jim at Doublesix for such a great response to our proddings. Great when someone responds in detail. #
  • @cc_starr [br] I watched it FOUR times. I couldn’t believe it. I’m still in shock. I’m going to have to sit down. in reply to cc_starr #
  • @cc_starr Enjoy that. We hear Suzi Perry likes a good double en tendre. Give her one for us, won’t you? in reply to cc_starr #
  • @born4thesurf Except if we all drove electric cars, we’d be in a worse energy position than now. Hydrogen hybrids are the only answer… in reply to born4thesurf #
  • @byronicman @Carlybyron That’s no excuse… 😉 We use PlayTV with a ‘powered’ desktop aerial (£10 from Currys) and it is perfect… :) in reply to byronicman #
  • @wolfiezero [br] A quick consensus around PS3A and it looks like every one of us are pumped more for Versus than 13. in reply to wolfiezero #
  • @wolfiezero Know what you mean. For me, just the first 53 seconds sells it – nothing else needed! in reply to wolfiezero #
  • Now that I fixed the dialog box problem, I’m totally sold on #BumpTop – getting the Pro version in a few… #
  • RT @thesixthaxis: New blog post: End Of An Era – good luck in the future Michael; you’re one of the good guys… #
  • [br] Hellion: Mystery of the Inquisition? We love getting press releases about games we know nothing about. The investigation begins … #
  • Sackboy. Sackgirl. God. Death. Colossus. Guns. Pancake. Boots. Belgians. Prayer. Revenge. This video has it all – #
  • A reminder that our competition is still open – closes this Sunday – enter now to avoid disappointment… #
  • @INFECTEDPB503 If only CNN showed their wife’s backside on their feed, they’d probably pull out a decent lead on him… in reply to INFECTEDPB503 #
  • [br] Got an official “no comment” from a studio regarding a game no one knows much about other than the fact it exists. I’ll keep trying … #
  • [br] Really need to get my hands on “Close Range”!!! It’s just so open-ended! 😉 (Warning: The Onion is a mature site) #
  • @SuckerPunchProd [br] Congrats on going gold with inFamous. We’re looking forward to getting our hands on it soon! :) #
  • @nickchester [br] The all important question … which season? in reply to nickchester #
  • [br] Wow. The Beatles: Rock Band to cost £179.00 in the UK and €199.00 in Europe. Finally, we’re seeing some sense with £/€ conversions. #
  • [br] Red Faction demo initial impressions (as in, literally only 15 minutes in) – this is real good. Can’t wait to get more in to it. #
  • We’ve been blowing smoke signal messages from the roof of Attitude Towers… #
  • RT @CarlyByron: Get a free box of healthy snacks delivered to your desk from with this code: F11XNNCT. Awesome idea… #
  • @thesixthaxis Nope – you are free to talk about it as much as you like… in reply to thesixthaxis #
  • @djhsecondnature [br] I got my iTouch safety jacket in Japan. It’s so robust I’m sure I could drive over it in my car & it’ll still work. in reply to djhsecondnature #
  • @brutallegend [br] Hey Brütal – Getting a 404 on that Jim Schafer interview link. Did you rock it out of existence? :) in reply to brutallegend #
  • @dmosbon [br] I actually think you look more like David Hayter :) in reply to dmosbon #
  • [br] I have to say, I’m pretty damn proud of the puns in this article :) #
  • @Xav [br] Knock it out of the park Xav. in reply to Xav #
  • @Person678 [br] Glad you liked them :) in reply to Person678 #
  • @Person678 [br] No problem. PS3 Attitude have multiple writers from across the globe so when I, “Brodiesan” twitter, I prefix with [br] :) in reply to Person678 #
  • @BenParfitt [br] Two *is* different but very good. Three and four are sublime. Five is, well, a bit of a let down. Still good though #wire in reply to BenParfitt #
  • @dmosbon [br] Myself & Dolph use it mostly though Danny pops in also. Time for this twitterer to hit the hay. Got three reviews due tomorrow in reply to dmosbon #
  • @MajorStone [br] Killzone 2 patch = April 22nd at 8AM GMT in reply to MajorStone #
  • [br] Do I really have time to be in *another* beta? Oh, go on then … #
  • @brutallegend Hey Dr. Legend, ‘fraid not. I’ll have a look around Crackle and see if I can find it. in reply to brutallegend #
  • @dmosbon @felixthinks @Person678 [br] Can’t mention it (yet) but as FP doesn’t have an NDA, it’s not that. FP impressions today though … in reply to dmosbon #
  • @guycocker [br] Fashionably late as ever, congratulations from the team at PS3 Attitude :) in reply to guycocker #
  • [br] Got up early to do some writing. Just spent 40 minutes wrestling with my “new” wifi. #
  • @heshster [br] Ah! Yes. The competition is ending soon. You have just as much chance as everyone else. There’s no tomfoolery in our comps :) in reply to heshster #
  • Our Spring Competition finishes today at 21:00 UK time. The winner will be announced during the week, once we have their permission etc. #
  • @twittness_en If you don’t follow us, your entry to the competition can’t be counted… sorry. in reply to twittness_en #
  • @VenusDoom13 @NickColley @zaccolley Thanks for the #followfriday mentions! in reply to VenusDoom13 #
  • @cc_starr If only it were that easy… but if the supercomputer chooses you, we will be in touch! 😉 in reply to cc_starr #