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Twitter Weekly Digest for 2009-04-26

Submitted by on Sunday, 26 April 20093 Comments

PS3 Attitude on TwitterOnce more on our post-Saturday-night recovery day, known in some circles as “Sunday”, we take a look back at a week in Twitter.

With Brodiesan desperate to talk about a new beta, but with his lips sealed by the heavily-stapled NDA that came with it, we have simply heard muffled noises coming from him all week.

As have you guys. Sorry about that.

Also, our Spring competition came to a close, and many thanks again to everyone who entered. Remember – it’s not the winning that matters. It’s the taking part. (Yeah right!)

Fat Princess has been eating cake. Lots of it, in fact. And we also revealed that the Burn Zombie Burn! game was a treat to play. As brain-tastic as expected? Well the review went up, so go see for yourself! Everything else is listed below.

And no, it’s not the prettiest article since sliced bread*, but hey – twitter is a tough beast to tame.

  • [br] Remember that beta I alluded to this week? Well, I’ve only managed to access it NOW due to connection issues. It is a beta afterall … #
  • [br] As I mentioned before – can’t say. As soon as the NDA expires I’ll blabber like a drunk schoolkid. #
  • @NickColley Well, I’ve only just got in but yes ,it’s definitely fun and strangely addictive. I think [the makers] have something big here. in reply to NickColley #
  • We’d like to thank everyone who entered our Spring Comp. Entries closed 20 minutes ago. Check the site next week for the winner… #
  • @NickColley We always need to get permission from the winner to use their details publicly on site – regulations. Patience is a virtue! :) in reply to NickColley #
  • @felixthinks [br] Unfortunately giving information about when the NDA expires could inadvertently reveal what it is! When I can, I will :) in reply to felixthinks #
  • Once again, congrats to @MaKUltra for winning our Spring Comp! Well done… #
  • Special note to all our followers: keep on following us to qualify for the rest of our 2009 competitions! More news soon… #
  • @Phil_Dawson He’s obviously one of life’s winners! I recommend he puts some lottery numbers down today, too… in reply to Phil_Dawson #
  • @Lokno Could you follow us please? We have a DM we need to send you… thanks in advance… #
  • Amused that WMP 11 has been stuck at ‘86% synchronizing’ for the last hour whilst it fills up my new Sony Walkman… #
  • @cc_starr It’s working… it’s just that MS aren’t good at progress bars. Got to 85% in 10 minutes, and now it is moving at 1% per 10 mins! in reply to cc_starr #
  • @PS3Attitude was here before @aplusk #herebeforeaplusk #
  • @NickColley It is something we’ve thought about in the past – if we ever do launch one, our Twitter followers will be first to hear about it in reply to NickColley #
  • [br] Games Database update: New games catalogued: Diner Dash, Hammer Fall, Underfire, Zen Pinball, Texas Cheat’Em, American McGee’s Alice .. #
  • Aliens Vs. Predator, Matt Hazard – Retro, Zuma, Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Battlefield 1943, Dead Rising 2,N+, Sin City: The Game … #
  • Invincible Tiger: The Legend of Han Tao, Virtua Tennis 2009, Explodemon!, Cloud With a Chance of Meatballs, Cinnamon Beats, Codename Cops #
  • Alien Sports: Minigolf, Zombie Apocalypse and last – but not least – Fallout: New Vegas #
  • [br] That Games Database post really took the wind right out of me. Time for some late night gaming before another day of madness. #
  • Just received first box from Graze (thx @CarlyByron) – want a free box, and your second half price? Use promo code QH7MM1YG at #
  • @Gamezine I thought that, but then I realised you can cancel any time, so you could just have two and then stop. :) in reply to Gamezine #
  • If you wait long enough, chances are that @djaffe will appear on this map. Especially if he breaks another USB plug. 😉 #
  • We suppose @stephenfry *could* be voicing Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts II… #
  • [br] Can I really reference Jungian theory in my Burn Zombie Burn! review? (The judges say … we’ll allow it.) #
  • @cc_starr [br] Gomibako! Literally “rubbish bin” in Japanese. in reply to cc_starr #
  • @Lokno Pretty please can you follow us? We want to send you an important DM… thanks. #
  • [br] Just updated the PS3 Game Database with the Brütal Legend release date. The page will get a full overhaul later. #
  • [br] If anyone is looking for the new screen-shots of Lego Rock Band. Look no further … #
  • @stephenfry #followmestephen We’d love for you to follow us Stephen… :) #
  • [br] Until today there were NO games in our PS3 database that started with “Z”. Now we have 4! Can you guess them all? FULLY updated now!!! #
  • [br] For those that asked – it’s every PS3 game announced for and in 2009 (we hope!). Here’s the link: #
  • @cc_starr [br] 3/4! Pretty good! in reply to cc_starr #
  • @Mildrop [br] Thanks. Our PS3 database is a labour of love! We *PROMISE* to keep it up to date from now on. It even has Lego RB in it! 😉 in reply to Mildrop #
  • [br] Hmm, Dante’s Inferno coming to the PSP. Might have to check that out … depending on how well the PS3 version is received. #
  • @Phil_Dawson Personally, I loved Siren Blood Curse – thought it was great… in reply to Phil_Dawson #
  • RT @thesixthaxis: Note to all: the Euro PSN sale finishes today, I think – prices go back up tomorrow. #
  • [br] Review done but no time to proof/tweak etc. Expect ANOTHER zombie-themed review to hit PS3 Attitude this evening! #
  • @Phil_Dawson Sounds good. This particular member of the Twitter team would trade in The Orange Box to regain (a little) money… 😉 #KZ2 in reply to Phil_Dawson #
  • [br] Sacred 2: Fallen Angel goes gold. Expect a hack-and-slash action-RPG with a “rich story” this May 12th. Oooh! #
  • [br] It’s official. The courts have rubber-stamped Square Enix’s takeover of Eidos. #
  • [br] Something EXCEPTIONALLY juicy has just landed on my lap. It’s so hot that I’m pretty sure I’ll have to share it with you all very soon. #
  • [br] re: juice. This is going to be public knowledge very soon so expect it on the site soon (as in maybe even tomorrow) #
  • @Cleric20 [br] Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. An absolute classic. You could have also gone with: “Had wooden teeth, chased Moby Dick!” in reply to Cleric20 #
  • @NickColley [br] Hey Nick. Some of us are already playing Fat Princess and those who aren’t, will be soon! Keep an eye on the site for news in reply to NickColley #
  • [br] For those of you looking for the euro (€) prices for today’s PSN content – we’ve updated our article and violá! #
  • Our #followfriday picks for this week: @Phil_Dawson @NickColley @colossalblue @Person678 @ChrisandCal @Chrisbydemand @VenusDoom13 @Mildrop #
  • @Phil_Dawson Right back at ya Phil!:) in reply to Phil_Dawson #
  • @NickColley No worries – whatever you do, don’t follow or RT the Low Budget PPC people – they’re just copying everyone’s #followfriday posts in reply to NickColley #
  • @Phil_Dawson [br] Fat Princess beta impressions will be up soon. And when we say soon, we mean REAL soon. in reply to Phil_Dawson #
  • @SpellOfPlay Check out our review from a while back – – I’ve had one for 3 months too and it is great. Get the C905plus. in reply to SpellOfPlay #
  • @SpellOfPlay No worries. The only issue I’ve had was my first one had a dodgy slider, but they swapped it out and it’s been great since… in reply to SpellOfPlay #
  • If you’re on N4G, we’d appreciate your comments and approval of our big story – – thanks! #
  • So – as well as our big charity news, we’re now officially recruiting – head over to for info… #
  • @Veronica @Aktrez @leighalexander @onelifeleft When we say ‘Podcast Celelbrity’, we’re thinking of people like you – #
  • @djaffe Do it David… imitation, in this case, is not the highest form of flattery. in reply to djaffe #
  • @stephenfry #fryretweet PS3 Attitude gives entire operating profit to GamesAid, the videogame industry charity – #
  • @Phil_Dawson The Samsung NC-10 is the netbook of choice, and not just for the massive 7-hour battery… in reply to Phil_Dawson #
  • @Phil_Dawson [br] A lot of people I know recommend the NC10. Personally, I’m leaning towards the Compaq Mini in reply to Phil_Dawson #
  • @Phil_Dawson In 2 separate head-to-head reports I read, the NC-10 outdid all others in every aspect, especially battery time & connectivity in reply to Phil_Dawson #
  • @halbpro In fact, in one magazine test, the NC-10 outlasted the time they had available for the test (i.e. still going after 8 hours!) in reply to halbpro #
  • @GamesRadar [br] I finished the internet once. Got to the end and it just re-started. Wasn’t impressed … in reply to GamesRadar #
  • @leighalexander Do what we do Leigh – make a list, sort it into themes and do a different theme each week… in reply to leighalexander #
  • Have a good weekend dear Twitterati – remember, we’re now recruiting… look at which role suits you best – #
  • Hey podcasters and YouTube celebrities… would you consider working with us to help raise charity funds? #
  • [br] Going through my Stormrise notes for the impending review. First time I’ve ever written “WTF!” when reviewing a game. Uh oh! #

*Ah yes, that oh-so-famous article called ‘sliced bread’. We keep it on a shelf now, next to our ‘Jam Jar’ article.