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Twitter Weekly Digest for 2009-04-12

Submitted by on Sunday, 12 April 20092 Comments

PS3 Attitude on TwitterAnother week, another Twitter-fest for your delectation.

Within the pages of our Twitter Digest you’ll find all sorts of random musings, great people to follow and web links that will give you something else to do on a lazy Easter afternoon. Enjoy!

  • This was pretty much me on Saturday night. #
  • @ryuhyoko Isn’t that basically GTAIV? 😉 in reply to ryuhyoko #
  • [br] To avoid any confusion going forward, all tweets from this account by Brodiesan will be prefixed by “[br]”. I’m now “accountable” :) #
  • @cc_starr [br] It’s worth if if you want to get into the AJAX side of things. Now *that’s* where things start getting fun :) in reply to cc_starr #
  • [br] Help. Does Stormrise get any better? Like – at all ? #
  • @nickchester in reply to nickchester #
  • @seraphcode [br] I’ll keep trying but the whole concept of an RTS from the point of the soldier has one main flaw.- you can’t see anything! in reply to seraphcode #
  • @Doom_CMYK What a twist! #
  • [br] One of these days I’ll learn how to spell “tantalising”. #
  • [br] Interview 1 of about 219 back. Expect some really interesting comments from a very cool developer shortly. #
  • @Cleric20 I love the first Batman movie – Tim Burton did a great job. Shame it all went pear-shaped after that until Nolan came through… in reply to Cleric20 #
  • [br] So, AC2 is to be set in Italy. Was the whole French thing a red herring? #
  • @cc_starr [br] Don’t get us wrong. We prefer Italy to France from a design perspective. Just wondering where all that French guff came from. in reply to cc_starr #
  • RE5 versus mode is a 1.86Mb download and was clearly on the BD; I’ll repeat the question – did they announce this paid-for DLC too early? #
  • @BenKuchera Here’s an impression – “I’m gonna make you an offer you can’t refuse” [removes cotton wool from mouth] 😉 in reply to BenKuchera #
  • @godfree Here you go – in reply to godfree #
  • @thesixthaxis [br] And here was me thinking we were going to go at it in the carpark of TSA/PS3A Towers. (Both towers are in the same block) in reply to thesixthaxis #
  • @cc_starr LOLROFLLMAOFFSBBQ! Next you’ll tell us that someone is still running Concurrent CPM… in reply to cc_starr #
  • [br] Burn Zombie Burn! is frantic hilarious fun. Review up soon. #
  • @thesixthaxis [br] Yet Windows hates you. With a passion … in reply to thesixthaxis #
  • @thesixthaxis [br] New Ice-T game perhaps? 😉 in reply to thesixthaxis #
  • @cc_starr [br] Paintballing in Home is an awesome idea. The ability to “drop the big leg” on people, Ultimate Warrior style, is a better one in reply to cc_starr #
  • @cc_starr [br] We pretty much do that in the office each morning anyway. Face paint is optional however :) in reply to cc_starr #
  • RT @OPM_UK: The missing last page of our FFXIII feature explained: Apologies again. #
  • The game is afoot – PS3A versus TSA this Thursday at 21:00 GMT… it’s gonna be a good’un #kz2 #
  • @DylanJobe [br] We’re suggesting a “shroud” of ninjas. Just feels … right :) in reply to DylanJobe #
  • @DylanJobe [br] Well, ninja is a Japanese word where pluralism is usually inferred so, if we’re being pedantic, it’s a shroud of ‘ninja’ in reply to DylanJobe #
  • @thesixthaxis Nope – Shinobi is just another term for ninja – 140 characters aren’t enough to explain the origins of both words… 😉 in reply to thesixthaxis #
  • @thesixthaxis [br] “Shinobi” is actually the word for “stealth” but can also mean “ninja”. I’ve never heard it equating to multi-ninjas :) in reply to thesixthaxis #
  • Godfather II review copy just turned up… expect a full review soon… #
  • [br] Capcom still “thinking about” Lost Planet 2 on the PS3. What’s there to think about? We all know it’s going to happen. #
  • Capcom are ‘still thinking’ about Lost Planet 2 on the PS3. Just so you know, we ‘still don’t care’ about Lost Planet 2 on the PS3. 😉 #
  • @TGN [br] Big fan of the iTouch. Depends on what other gadgets you have. If you have a new(ish) phone it’s probably overkill. in reply to TGN #
  • What features/articles would you like to see at PS3 Attitude in the future? #
  • Hey, everyone join me in PS3Attitude, a Tweetworks group. #
  • We have a Killzone 2 Clan, and soon we’ll be opening it up to all our readers so watch this space #kz2 #
  • @NickColley [br] Three of our writers, including Super Ed himself DolphGB, are from the UK. There is a PS3A KZ2 clan that you should join :) in reply to NickColley #
  • Also, don’t forget our current competition – no skill required, unless you count copying and pasting as ‘skill’ – http://s #
  • @amadeoplaza The power of any networking system is in the people you don’t know… connect with someone random today and see what happens. in reply to amadeoplaza #
  • Twitter is being a bit odd today – we’re not seeing tweets of lots of people we follow… having to Unfollow/Refollow to fix it :( #
  • Our #KZ2 clan is PS3A – currently we have 21 members but this will explode soon. #
  • @cc_starr No question mark needed my friend – it is happening… in reply to cc_starr #
  • [br] PROTOTYPE (no, I’m not screaming) arrives in Europe on June 5th and North America on the 9th. New site, too. #
  • @VenusDoom13 Indeed – there are lines, and I think this one has been crossed… in reply to VenusDoom13 #
  • [br] Definitely write better when there is zero pressure. I’m really struggling with what I’m working on at the moment. Where’s my muse …? #
  • @majornelson Yeah. It is a neat idea, but the dialog boxes keep appearing under the desktop. Needs a bug fix before I use in anger… in reply to majornelson #
  • Seesmic Desktop Preview is nice… if they can add a few more bells & whistles a la TweetDeck, I might just start using this instead… #
  • Bom dia Twitterland – a grey, rainy day so far… somewhat reminiscent of Helghan. Which reminds me, PS3A vs. TSA tonight at 22:00 UK time. #
  • @thesixthaxis There was a mixup – the website said 9 when your man set it up, but it went in as 10 in-game. So 10 it is… in reply to thesixthaxis #
  • Hey, everyone join us in PS3Attitude, a Tweetworks group. #
  • @BenParfitt [br] HADOKEN! (Wishing the little mite gets well soon) in reply to BenParfitt #
  • @cc_starr [br] They lied to us! iTunes thought my iPod was an iPHONE last night. SMRT. in reply to cc_starr #
  • We’re a little worried about the enthusiasm TSA are showing for tonight’s clan match… web posts, forums articles, tweets… 😉 #kz2 #
  • Lots of great Burnout Cops & Robbers info at the Crash TV podcast – #
  • When it comes to choosing a cop car, I may not select the ‘TVR-alike’ since it’ll break down, have no ABS and will take 10 mins to start up #
  • [br] Eidos have made a shed-load of screenshots of Mini Ninjas available. Seriously cute. Earlier post updated. #
  • Goodnight Twitterland – we’re all off to eat and get ready for the KZ2 battle versus TheSixthAxis tonight – may the best clan win… #
  • [br] PS3Attitude take on the might of TheSixthAxis at Killzone 2 warzone in 45 minutes. Who will win? Two sites enter. One site leaves. #
  • [br] Oh crap. I knew I had forgotten to do something important today. Eat. *Collapses on keyboard* #
  • Well done to @thesixthaxis and their TSA clan who gave us a real gunning tonight in #KZ2 – looking forward to a rematch guys. Thanks again. #
  • [br] So, Gearbox are now saying that Borderlands is NOT cel-shaded? What new graphical term will they come up with? #
  • @thesixthaxis did a fair write-up of our clan match. You can check it out here – – next time guys… next time. #
  • @aalaap Trillian is fine for IM, and for DMs its not bad, but its all too little too late for me – if they had released this 2 years ago… in reply to aalaap #
  • Our Good #followfriday picks: @SpellOfPlay @OPM_UK @gamesareevil @aalaap @nickchester @SlantSixGames #
  • Last tweet of Good Friday – have a great day and don’t forget to enter our competition – – closes April 19th #
  • @djhsecondnature Thanks for the #followfriday :) in reply to djhsecondnature #
  • Happy Easter to all our readers, followers, friends, family, colleagues, partners, sponsors… well, everyone really! :) #
  • Twitter StalkDaily Worm is another good reason to use your favourite Twitter client – mine is #TweetDeck #