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Ubisoft add Ghost Recon 4 to their “flagship” title list

Submitted by on Thursday, 30 April 2009One Comment

Ghost Recon 4Ubisoft have discussed their financial plans for this year (being a financial one expect it to end just before April 2010) and have highlighted the existence of a title previously unannounced.

Quoted as one of its “flagship titles”, Ghost Recon 4 is confirmed as in development and, though technically unconfirmed for the PS3 at this time, considering its predecessor Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 graced the PS3, it would be a shock of massive proportions for this new Recon to not feature on our console of choice.

Little is known about Ghost Recon 4 other than it’s planned to hit before March 31st 2009 and hence should bolster Ubisoft’s already impressively bulging coffers. GRAW2 took place in 2014 and had a very Mexican flavour but the new game’s locales are still a mystery. Either way, we’ve got our fingers crossed for the series to continue and build upon the impressive squad AI system seen in its precursors.

We called Ubisoft for an official comment and received word that they “haven’t announced platforms yet.” As soon as they do, we’ll keep you posted.