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Valkyria Chronicles Rocks The US, Rules Japan

Submitted by on Tuesday, 21 April 20097 Comments

valkyria_logo_hr2_jpg_jpgcopy_3Talk about a comeback story.  After less than optimal global sales for the stellar looking (and stellar playing) Valkyria Chronicles, we received great news from the SEGA America Blog today.  Thanks to all the hard work from the hardcore fans (this humble PS3A cast included), and last week’s DLC release, Valkyria Chronicles is now one the top PS3 games in both the United States and Japan.

But how big of an impact could a five month old game have on the American and Japanese markets?

One big freakin’ impact.  According to Gamasutra, Valkyria Chronicles was the number five game sold in in North America behind mega blockbusters like Killzone 2, Resident Evil 5, America’s favorite (video game) past time MLB 09: The Show and the always selling Guitar Hero III.  So they rocked the North American Amazon charts, but what about Japan?

Valkyria ruled it.  The number one selling PS3 game in last week was the budget “the Best” version of Senjou no Valkyria; beating Biohazard 5 (RE5) and SEGA’s own Ryu ga Gotoku 3 (Yakuza 3).  The US came to its senses, Japan gobbled it up but someone is still stubborn as a Danny_D mule.

My name is Selveria, US and Japan love me.  The Europe won't return my calls though.

My name is Selvaria, US and Japan love me. Europe won't return my calls though.

Europe seems to want neglect this gem for a little while longer.  Are you playing hard to get Europe?  The game is set in a fictional Europe for crying out loud…  Still loving that LBP huh?  Well, let’s see what happens in the coming weeks after Valkyria Chronicles gets the PS3A bump.  We’re going to make you want it Europe.  Not yet though, this is not the bump.  Wait for it.

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