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Virtua Tennis 2009 Developer Diary 1 – That New Crowd Smell

Submitted by on Monday, 6 April 2009No Comment

vt9ps3_11Dear diary,

We recorded a video in which we talk about what we think will be the best PS3 tennis game of 2009.  Since it looks like this will be the only PS3 tennis game in 2009 we are feeling pretty good about that claim.  Never mind that, we are throwing the kitchen sink just in case.  Gorgeous graphics, new locations, new players, and even new 3D crowds.  We can still feel that new crowd smell, probably because Timmy keeps wearing it as cologne.

After many meetings, several beatings and one nasty trip to the emergency room, we finally decided on which six mini games will return this year and which six new ones to include.  We lost Timmy but we got to keep the crocodile mini game.  Good riddance, we were starting to get sick of that new crowd smell…and of Timmy too.

Before Timmy’s untimely…well, let’s call it departure, he was able to travel to and model the new Dubai and Shanghai stadiums.  He got to see the world, lucky bastard.  But the luckiest bastard of them all was whoever got to do the full body scan of Ana Ivanović.  The producers won’t tell us who he is because they fear he would be beaten up mercilessly by the rest of the team.  They are right.

This is it for now dear diary; it is time for group therapy.  Timmy’s loss hurt the development team more than we originally estimated…time to play that crocodile mini game to ease the pain I guess.