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New WET footage – violent

Submitted by on Sunday, 12 April 20092 Comments

Ready for some monkey business?A new game-play trailer of everyone’s favourite hyper-violent femme fatale from A2M’s upcoming “WET” has been discovered by our good friends (and we’re not just saying that) over at Talk PlayStation.

All the things we mentioned the last time we got wet (OK, we’ve got the gag out of the way now, you won’t have to suffer through it again – we promise) appear as expected.

Comely large breasted woman doing acrobatics while dual wielding a katana and numerous machine guns? Check. Over the top murder-ballet with bad-guys eating lead salads willy-nilly?. Roger. Racuous guitar soundtrack accompanying each of their graphic deaths? You betcha!

It’s not all rosy in the Ruby garden though as there are some things from the footage that do worry us a little. For instance, Ruby seems to float across environments with an ease we haven’t seen since we buttered the floors of Attitude Towers and got Danny drunk off his face. The textures are also somewhat bland and, dare we say it, the game-play looks fairly repetitive; like a dolled-up Max Payne in high-heels killing people in beautiful (and trade-marked might we add) slow-mo. Not that Max Payne was bad; far from it in fact.

We’re just not sure if some environment interaction (pole spinning and wall running were two abilities ole Max never mastered) and graphic blood-letting are going to elevate this up from a mindless shoot ’em up.

It’s still early days but, unfortunately, this footage – though titillating – asks more questions than it answers. What do you think? Comments please. You know where.