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“Your weapon is choice.” New Alpha Protocol video shows off DDS (Dynamic Dialogue System)

Submitted by on Friday, 24 April 2009One Comment

Alpha ProtocolA new video has surfaced of Obsidian Entertainment’s spy-themed RPG Alpha Protocol.

Focusing on the game’s Dynamic Dialogue System (DDS), a mechanism for interacting with the characters you’ll encounter within the game, the footage also shows off the game’s early stages.

As the interactive system is time based, the walkthrough also highlights the element of tension within the game considering you have a very narrow window to get your response out.

The video shows a scenario from the start of the game as main protagonist Michael Thorton works out of the Moscow hub and picks up a few missions. It’s interesting to see how the response system can affect the overall game-play depending on which handler is attached to a particular task. Expect missions to play out very differently as each handler has different objectives, missions and methodologies of how to get the job done.

The video explains Thornton’s three basic response demeanours: suave, professional and aggressive. There is also a fouth response mode that sometimes becomes available called “Shut them up!”, offering up the more extreme of responses like smashing heads into counters and shooting out people’s knee-caps.

We’re excited with what’s on offer here as the game could have many layers and nuances that would keep us coming back for more. Let us know what you think in the comments.