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Activision announce more Heroes than you can shake a stick/turntable at

Submitted by on Thursday, 7 May 2009One Comment

DJ HeroAnnouncing today plans to expand their Hero empire beyond the mere guitar genre, Activision have revealed three (maybe four) new titles to ensnare anybody left on the planet who enjoys pretending to play music but never bothered to actually learn an instrument.

Guitar Hero 5, Band Hero and the we-thought-you-were-joking-at-first DJ Hero have now all been officially announced via a press release.

And, if that wasn’t heroic enough for you, there’s also growing evidence that another band spin-off for Guitar Hero itself, this time focusing on those crazy jumping misfits Van Halen, is also on its way.

First up is Guitar Hero 5, a title we assume is very much a working one. Not a great deal different here than last time with the popular franchise literally gaining its obligatory annual sequel; albeit with the necessary tweaks. New features for the fifth edition include the ability to drop in and out of songs and change band members on the fly. A handy option for when your drummer croaks during a particularly intense drum solo and you need to finish your set.

Band Hero on the other hand is straight out of the why-didn’t-we-think-of-that box. The first E10+ rated “Hero” title in their line-up, the Mini Hero “delivers an exciting music collection featuring top-40 hits designed to expand the experience to a new genre and appeal to a broad family audience who can play together on the guitar, drums, bass and microphone.” Considering this quote could technically describe any GH game, we’re going to focus on the E10+ aspect of the title and assume this is pretty much Guitar Hero For Kids. Not a bad thing in our book, as the more games that get families playing together is something positive in our opinion.

Lastly, and leaving the most groundbreaking to the end, we have DJ Hero; a game we’ve been hearing rumours about ever since the dawn of Guitar Hero when people started throwing up crazy ideas about what the next music simulator could entail. What about a Piano Hero? Or, even better, Sousaphone Hero?

Opening up other music genres was always an avenue Activision would explore. Considering the popularity of DJing in this crazy digital world, an obvious choice was to offer people who, not only like different types of music but also enjoy the process of mashing them together to create new and inventive versions, the ability to do so without the need of booking a gig and unleashing their favourite tracks on others. DJ Hero will introduce a host of genres including hip-hop, R&B, Motown, electronica and dance and will, obviously, require a new peripheral – something like, say, the image that accompanies this post. There is no news so far whether you can actually spin “dual wheels of steel” at the same time and concoct some truly outstanding aural collaborations. Then again, we’re thinking the price of one deck might be exorbitant – never mind picking up a second one.

Truly a mammoth announcement by Activision as they’ve literally thrown down the musical gauntlet to Harmonix and the Rock Band crew. It wil be interesting to see how the other half of this ongoing music simulation war respond.

What could feature next in Activision’s ever growing Hero parade? We have to assume that Rap Hero is only a matter of time.