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APB developer reveals exclusive screenshot to community

Submitted by on Tuesday, 19 May 2009One Comment

APBIt’s been a while since we’ve heard anything from Realtime Worlds’ regarding potential GTA killer APB, or All Points Bulletin if you’re down with that whole law-enforcement lingo.

Popping up over at the APB Game Community site APB Evolved, the shadowy “Ulric” (also known as Realtime Worlds’ Community Manager Chris Dye) has bestowed a new screenshot of the sandbox crime MMO currently in development. It’s interesting to see the direction Realtime Worlds are going with on the game, especially when you take the fact that APB is from the original creator of Grand Theft Auto and Crackdown, David Jones, into consideration.

Apart from the new fancy screenshot which reveals a further look at the graphical style of the game, ‘Ulric’ promises even more news to come, confirming the team will be heading to E3 and using it as a launch pad to generate some further hype for the game. Hey! We’re going to E3 too!  Sounds like a great opportunity to meet up, have a few beers and talk crime simulators to us!

Mom always said to be wary of girls with tattoos. And shotguns.

Mom always said to be wary of girls with tattoos. And shotguns.

We should reiterated that APB is not confirmed for the PS3 at the moment and that the PC is still their main focus. That said, the guys have dropped some subtle-as-a-brick hints in the past and, considering the PS3’s userbase has rocketed since the last time they toyed with the possibility, we’re willing to bet body parts it will feature on our console of choice.

Finally, the APB Evolved site is getting slammed at the moment due to the increase in traffic. If you get a 404 at first; try, try again …