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Battlefield: Bad Company 2 won’t “treat you gently this time” – DICE

Submitted by on Wednesday, 13 May 20092 Comments

Battlefield: Bad Company 2Greeted with favourable reviews and impressive sales alike, Nordic developer DICE’s console-only title Battlefield: Bad Company was a respected addition to what is universally recognised as a flooded and tough genre to crack: the military FPS.

What you probably didn’t know was that, while you were running around the first game like Kelly’s Heroes blowing up destructible environments as if there was no tomorrow, the guys at DICE were actually taking it easy on you; coddling console gamers as, unlike our distant PC cousins, we’re just not “hardcore” enough to handle the full FPS experience.

Considering the wealth of PC gaming experience the Swedish outfit had when gearing up to make the game, this comes as little surprise to us, but it’s interesting to note now that, upon reflection, the studio believe their initial opinion of console gamers ultimately turned out to be specious.

Speaking to, DICE’s Lars Gustavsson states how happy he is with the first Bad Company and the reception it received. That’s not to say mistakes weren’t made however, as he freely admits their aforementioned underestimation of your average console gamer resulted in some design decisions that, retrospectively, they would have gone in a different direction with.

“To me, Battlefield: Bad Company was an eye-opener, and for a very long time I think the PC audience was seen as the hardcore, the most competitive and dedicated audience. Maybe at one time that was partially true, but now we definitely see a fanatic shooter audience on console.

I think one of our biggest mistakes with Battlefield: Bad Company for example was that when we started making it, laying out the plans, the view on the gamer was that it’s a console audience, and we need to treat them a bit more gently, since they’re less experienced…”

Gustavsson goes on to admit that the entry level into the Battlefield: Bad Company series has always been “quite high”, citing the lack of proper matchmaking as one factor that, understandably, was a deterrent to some players. Luckily, this is something they’ve addressed with the upcoming sequel; irrespective of whether a gamer is coming to the title from a PC or a console perspective, with the designer stating:

“[…] we just want to give people a more gentle way into the franchise.”

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 has yet to secure a release date other than the nebulous “fiscal year 2009”. When it does hit, expect DICE to ramp up the intensity and remove the kid-gloves for console gamers in their next outing. Bring it.