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Bionic Commando Release Trailer

Submitted by on Saturday, 16 May 20092 Comments

Bionic CommandoBionic Commando is due to hit shelves shortly.

With the release date ticking ever closer, Capcom have let the proper release trailer loose in the wild.

In watching the trailer, however, you could be forgiven for thinking it could be promoting one of several other games.

What makes us say that?

Well, if you check out the video, you’ll see that there is a section where our hero is standing on a flying creature and proceeds to rip a wing off. In fact, this guy goes one step further than a certain other hero known for his aerial antics and chops the poor blighter’s head off with it!

Shortly afterwards, we are treated to another shot of what could well be a scene from a Zone of the Enders game, with all the grandeur and whizz-bangery you would expect to see in such a title.

Not that we are complaining of course; who would dare look down their nose at a game which seems to display aspects of some of our favourite titles all in one glorious package?

This trailer certainly sets the ‘Tude Towers hype-o-meter to ‘Oooh!. It just makes it more of a shame that there are no plans for a demo prior to release.

What’s your hype-o-meter needle sitting at on this one having watched the trailer?