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Bizarre Creations return to the race with Blur

Submitted by on Sunday, 3 May 2009No Comment

BlurNow that former Microsoft Games Studio’s developer Bizarre Creations are snugly under the wing of Activision, the boys from Liverpool have left their Project Gotham Racing past behind them and are moving on to new projects.

Having already delivered the tad limited yet well received “The Club” last year, it appears the guys haven’t been able to shake off that racing bug however and are now returning to the high-speed genre with Blur.

News of the new racer first emerged in French magazine Joypad though we’ve been waiting on something a little meatier before bringing it to your attention.

Edge have run with the new title as their cover story for this month; a good indication that the game does in fact exist. That said, it wouldn’t be the first time Edge featured an upcoming title front and centre only for the game in question to never see the light of day (we remember the game “Exo” getting a lot of coverage in one edition only for its cancellation to occur some months later).

Bizarre Creations however have a great pedigree of delivering superb racing games so we have no doubt that Blur will not only cross the finish line, but may indeed redefine the arcade racing genre as we know it. Currently championed by the likes of Burnout and OutRun Online Arcade, Blur will be entering a busy division now that new challengers like Split/Second are also on the horizon. It’s therefore vital that it has more up its sleeve than pretty graphics and destructible cars. Luckily, it’s got just that.

Blur promises to add a lot more to the mix than simply fast cars and fancy crash damage. As the Edge article reveals, Blur will merge high speed racing with combative tactics that include electrocuting your opponents and blowing them to kingdom come with mines and other weaponry. Edge also highlights that the game’s locales: San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, London and Tokyo will become a gamer’s second home with a unique social networking aspect that allows players to connect to one another for races and other community based interaction. Think Facebook crossed with The Fast and the Furious.

As more details about Blur emerge, we’ll be sure to follow up on this exciting prospect.