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Brütal Legend Story Trailer – It’s Fu*%ing Awesome!

Submitted by on Sunday, 3 May 20092 Comments

brutal_legend_screen__08_bmp_jpgcopyIf you are a fan of the site (and honestly how could you not be?) you should know by now that Brütal Legend is looking fine (some would say Double Fine) and that it is going to rock your PlayStation 3 this Rocktober.

So you know that Brütal Legend rocks, Jack Black is awesome and that Tim ‘Freakin’ Schaffer is a video game genius.  But what do you know about the story of Brütal Legend?

You are a roadie, the world’s greatest roadie, and as such you can build any stage, tune any guitar, fix anything, climb every mountain, ford every stream, follow every rainbow…wait a minute.  That’s not right.

Heavy metal, hot girls, head bangers, hot rods.  There, the balance is restored.  If you thought you couldn’t be any more excited for Brütal Legend we dare you to watch the video above and tell us your ‘want level’ didn’t go all the way to 11.

And if for some bizarre reason you don’t recognize the song in the trailer, bow your head in shame and know this.