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Brütal Legend’s GameStop Pre-order Bonus: It Will Rock Your Freakin’ Socks Off

Submitted by on Wednesday, 6 May 2009No Comment

brutal_legend_bonuslgWe were secretly hoping for this.  We lit up black candles, grew our hair out and cranked everything up to 11.  Even things that were never meant to be cranked at all.  Don’t worry, our pets are fine.

Someone had the bright idea that if we banged our heads hard enough, our wish would be granted by the Metal Gods.  He was right.

Pre-order Brütal Legend with GameStop and receive an exclusive in-game guitar.  But this is not an ordinary guitar made by mere mortals or any kind of ‘horse armor’ guitar deal.  This guitar will give you the power to kill a yak, from 200 yards away.  To pay Tribute.  To play that mythical One Note Song.  To bring The Metal.

That’s right; the GameStop exclusive in-guitar is none other than a Tenacious D guitar.  One of the coolest pre-order bonuses we have heard from in a while, this guitar bears the band’s name on the fret board and features a unique body inspired by the members of Tenacious D Jack Black and Kyle Gass.


Kage! Come here, I want you! Have you seen my pick of destiny around here?

But it’s not all eye candy here folks; the D guitar packs more awesomeness than the greatest song in the world.  New sound effects, new visual effects suite and even new voice over work from Black and Gass themselves will make this guitar rock harder than a Beezleboss rock off.

You can even take your most priced in-game possession online and melt the faces of unsuspecting would be rockers with a guitar worthy of the Metal Gods.  They should be grateful that they were smitten by the Tenacious D guitar; we can’t think of a more honorable way to brütally die.

Pre-order online and you will receive a code and login instructions via e-mail, in-store pre-orders come with code and login instructions right there at the time of reservation.  This is a ‘while supplies’ lasts scenario, so you better hurry if you want to rule the land in major style and bad-asses-ness.