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Critter Crunch may be the most disgusting/cutest game ever

Submitted by on Tuesday, 12 May 20095 Comments

Critter CrunchNow that the iPhone is recognised as a bone fide games machine, expect to see entrepreneurial developers port their successful hand-held titles straight from the device to other willing mediums such as the PlayStation Network.

Toronto’s Capybara Games is one of these plucky indie developers who have found success with their title “Critter Crunch” on Apple’s ubiquitous and omnipotent lozenge and have been hard at work creating a full 1080p version for us PS3 users.

Describing Critter Crunch might actually be harder than simply showing Critter Crunch but, either way, we lead with the following health warning: If the sight of frumpy creatures vomiting rainbows into one another’s mouths may cause you to rediscover your breakfast – you might want to sit this one out.

Kris Piotrowski, Creative Director over at Capy, has posted on the official PS blog about their upcoming “food chain” game which can be best described as a puzzler with a healthy dose of regurgitation. Think “Bejewelled” mixed (at high speed) with copious amounts of alcohol and/or curry. Add multiplayer and co-op, and as long as we don’t have to hurl at people we know, we think this could be a solid title.

Once again, the comments section is a breeding ground of new information where Kris confirms the game will launch this summer (with a demo closer to the release date) in the sub-$10 price range. For you trophy whores, there will be a wealth of bling on offer with such accolades as Cruchicidal Maniac, Wilhelm von Puzzleworth and Feats of Constipation up for grabs.

Finally, that cute guy getting sick on everyone is called “Biggs”. If you like the look of Biggs, you’ll be able to adopt him as your PSN avatar soon enough.

It’s nice to see our Canadian friends able to mix colourful HD graphics, puking and comedy all in one nauseating bowl. We’ll be keeping one eye (probably because two could cause us to vom) on Critter Crunch over the coming months to see what they “come up with”.