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Cross Edge released; trophies revealed

Submitted by on Tuesday, 26 May 20092 Comments

cross-edgeMost likely to be overshadowed by the release of inFAMOUS, Cross Edge can be found at your local retailers today as well. For those of you unaware, the RPG is the result of five (that’s right, FIVE) different companies collaborating for one amazing game.

Capcom, Nippon Ichi Software, Bandai Namco, Gust, and Idea Factory all bring their top franchises together for a battle royal.  Best of all? You can play as your favorite character from them!

What would a PS3 game be without trophies? Well, it’d still be one, just without the fun and excitement of collecting virtual glory. Cross Edge, without a doubt, has some of the most interesting and probably tiresome trophies to obtain…

  • Bronze – The Entitled: Unlock any trophy.
  • Bronze – The Bully: Defeat 100 enemy units.
  • Bronze – The Newbie: Survive 35 battles.
  • Bronze – The Badass: Exceed 10,000 points of total damage.
  • Bronze – The Juggler: Exceed a 50-hit combo!
  • Silver – The Skywalker: Reach 300 AGI.
  • Silver – The Meat Shield: Reach 300 VIT.
  • Silver – The Juicer: Reach 300 STR.
  • Silver – The Know-It-All: Reach 300 INT.
  • Silver – The Gambler: Reach 300 LCK.
  • Silver – The Stalker: Unlock all character profiles.
  • Silver – The Patron: Unlock all gallery art.
  • Silver – The God of Death: Defeat 3,000 enemy units.
  • Silver – The Highlander: Survive 900 battles.
  • Silver – The World Champ: Exceed 1,000,000 points of total damage!
  • Silver – The Aggressor: Exceed a 400-hit combo.
  • Gold – The Gun Runner: Collect every type of weapon.
  • Gold – The Battle Ready: Collect every type of armor.
  • Gold – The Fashionista: Collect every type of accessory.
  • Gold – The Packrat: Collect every type of item.
  • Gold – The Grave Robber: Find 150 hidden items using Search.
  • Gold – The Dood: Earn the true ending.
  • Gold – The Hikikomori: Earn every single title.

Funny thing about the “Hikikomori” trophy. According to Nao Zook over on the PlayStation.Blog,

In Japan, they call a person who stays at home all the time and never really interacts with other human beings “Hikikomori”. I guess a literal translation would be “a being confined” and “social withdrawal”. You’ll definitely have to stay home for days in order to earn all the in-game titles. So, you’ll certainly earn the title of Hikikomori :-)

It looks like you’ll be spending hours upon hours trying to unlock everything in the game. Oh and if you do, you’ll be awarded a nice and shiny platinum trophy for your troubles.

Oh and did I mention that they plan to release DLC in the future? It’ll take the form of extra costumes, items, dungeons, and a whole lot more. We can’t wait to get our hands on Cross Edge. What about you?