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Dead to Rights: Retribution – Media Blowout

Submitted by on Thursday, 21 May 20092 Comments

dead_to_rightsDead to Rights: Retribution – technically the fifth title in Namco Bandai’s Dead to Rights franchise – is coming to the PS3.

Whilst previous games have garnered mixed verdicts, there is something that makes us cautiously optimistic about this release.

Maybe it has something to do with the flurry of media that was released about the game today.

Certainly, the details are beginning the long drip-feed process which will lead up to the game’s release later this year.

The game will represent a complete reinvention of the franchise, with the player taking on the role of cop Jack. The city in which the game is based will apparently play major role in creating the atmosphere. Grant City is, in the words of the Press Release; 

…a living breathing city, steeped in history and symbolism and provides the setting for the neo-noir, heavy-going, bleak atmosphere for this epic game.

That’s right people; they said ‘epic’.

Provided by Namco Bandai, organized by us and watched eagerly by all: below and above you will find video and pictures selected carefully from the media released today. The video is a fly-by of Grant City, whilst the images are screen shots from the game.

If you are paying attention, you’ll see a canine counterpart in some of the shots. Goes by the name Shadow.

Now what game does that remind you of…?

Pretend bobblehead to the first right answer drawn out of our imaginary virtual hat!