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Demon’s Souls to seek North American victims

Submitted by on Thursday, 21 May 20094 Comments

Demon's SoulsHaving gotten over our niggling hangup about Demon’s Souls grammatically ambiguous title (just about), we’ve waited patiently for news of an English version to grace our shores.

Patience is a virtue they say, and it looks to have finaly paid off, with GamingUnion announcing that Atlus will publish the Japanese RPG in North America this fall.

Ostensibly just a hack-and-slash fantasy action RPG, Demon’s Souls is actually infused with layers of strategy and abject frustration. Something of a paradox, though created by From Software for the local Japanese market, the game received a less than stellar reception from its native critics only to enamour Western importers who spent time unlocking many of its hidden virtues discovered through perseverance and patience.

No news on a European release for now but that’s not to say some venturous publisher won’t swoop in and deliver. Of course, Old World fans of exceptionally difficult RPGs could always import the English NA version. After all, we hear the global recession is over and people are back to being rich and reckless with their money. Why not import two, just in case a fit of rage overcomes you as you play through what is considered one of the hardest games ever and causes you to rip the disc from your PS3 and immolate it to the Gods of Gaming.

Just a thought.