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Dragon Age: Origins – Sex and Violence trailer

Submitted by on Sunday, 17 May 20093 Comments

Dragon Age: OriginsWe have to hold our hands up and say, we didn’t come up with that headline – sometimes they just write themselves. In fact, it’s the very title of the video over at GameTrailers and embedded here for your visual delight.

Only if you can pass the age-gate of course, as, and consider this your first and only warning: things are about to get violent people – and sexual.

Well, more violent than sexual if we’re being honest. Either way, if you’re faint of heart or as pure as the driven snow, watch this and get ready to be completely corrupted.

There’s no doubt that BioWare knows fantasy and role playing games. The Neverwinter Nights and Baldur’s Gate series have sold ooldes over the years with some considering them to be the most complex and true to form RPGs ever created. Then there’s Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and Mass Effect, two more great examples of thrilling and immersive role-playing experiences

It was therefore with a curiously raised eyebrow that we considered BioWare’s latest candidate in this long list of prodigious RPG greats – Dragon Age: Origins. Would they stick with what they knew worked back in the late 90s, staying core to the Dungeons & Dragons rule set and tried and trusted motifs? Or would they try and reinvent the wheel and go in a totally different direction?

After watching the footage below we think you’ll agree that, though it might be the spiritual successor to the Baldur’s Gate legacy, Dragon Age: Origins is a hell of a lot bloodier and visceral than BioWare’s previous games.

Maybe it’s an assumption that the fans of their past achievements have grown up but, whatever the reason, this is a lot more adult than past games from the Canadian developer and, if we’re being honest, the trailer has left us a tad uneasy.

Not because we don’t like blood and guts (check out our X-Men Origins: Wolverine demo playthrough to counter any question of our masculinity), it’s more in relation to the tone of the violence and how it feels somewhat over the top or gratuitous for the sake of gratuity.

Of course, none of the footage on display here is in-game so maybe it’s only the cut scenes that are drenched in blood and viscera and we should state clearly that we’re still extremely interested to see what BioWare finally delivers with Dragon Age: Origins. We just hope they haven’t sacrificed quality for sensationalism.