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Atlus ‘Droplitz’ in on PSN

Submitted by on Thursday, 28 May 2009No Comment

droplitzAtlus have recently revealed the latest addition to the ever-ballooning catalogue of PSN titles.

‘Droplitz’ is a new puzzle-based game which sees the player tasked with trying to save as many drops of liquid as possible. The game is controlled through the rotation of discs with different patterned routes on them.

With several game modes promised, Atlus are eye-balling the PSN puzzler crown.

Does Droplitz have what it takes?

Certainly the mechanics of the game look quite unique. It reminds us vaguely of that board game from our childhoods -‘Downfall‘. The difference is that the droplets – sorry, Droplitz – are not persistent. That is, if a droplet gets to the end of a path with nowhere else to go, it simply ceases to exist.

Don’t fret, however; the handy tutorial video we have added up the top there has a walk through of the basics of the game. It has been injected with a voicover from a very softly-spoken English lady and has a great sense of humour to boot!

‘Droplitz’ with hats and names… whatever next!

Check out the video, and head over to the official site for more screens and info on the game. If you’re impressed with what you see, you wont have long to wait – the game is out next month!