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Dynasty Warriors 6 Empires to hit June 26th

Submitted by on Sunday, 17 May 20092 Comments

Dynasty Warriors 6 Empires The Dynasty Warriors series continues ever onward with news that the latest edition in the popular strategy romp, Empires (an expansion to number six, if you’re counting) will see a release on the PS3 at the end of next month.

Introducing something of a seachange this time around, Empires will proffer players the ability to play as both an officer; the chap that runs in and hits people with his sword, or a ruler; the decision maker who sits on his throne surrounded by maps and sycophants sending countless young men to their deaths.

Kudos to KOEI for trying something new as we’re sure everyone has become tired of the standard Dynasty Warriors shtick of charging around on a horse and slashing everything that moves into Chinese spring rolls. Not that you can’t still do that, but in this edition we’ll see a larger emphasis on the tactical side of warfare as you marry politics with strategic manoeuvring and brute force.

Expect new characters that were absent during the basic version of Dynasty Warriors 6 and an array of influential cards which are acquired in the game that enable you to increase your standing and forge your own policy towards taking power. You’ll also be able to jump and climb in order to reach previously inaccessible areas that grant an advantage such as surprise on your opponents.