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E3 09; ‘Nier’-ly upon us

Submitted by on Sunday, 31 May 20096 Comments

nierWe are going to be at all the biggest announcements this E3, thanks to one intrepid (and slightly unhinged) member of the team. Make sure you check the site for the latest info straight from the event itself, and if you are in the area, come along to our own little E3 Shindig – it promises to be a hoot!

Square Enix are pulling out some big E3 guns early. With billboards already up in the US citing FFXIII as being released next year and massive expectations for the announcements at the conference proper, Square Enix have got some serious work cut out for them in order to please the fans.

Hopefully the trailer for the relatively new addition to the SE family, Nier, will not represent the high point of the reveals. Not because it is bad or anything – more because we want more news. Bigger news. All the time.*

Having said that, what’s with all these trailers coming before E3 itself? Everything seems to be either leaked or stated in fear of being leaked!

Nier is an interesting game currently in the works at SE, mainly because we don’t know very much about it.

Long story short; protagonist ‘Nier’ is looking for a cure for his daughter who is suffering from the ‘Black Scrawl’ plague which is ravaging the land. Townships are crumbling and weird creatures are slaughtering.

If you watch the trailer you will see no summons, no turn based battles, no party members and a distinct grittyness to everything. Apparently, the only companion he has is a mysterious book. Seriously.

"Why is it never a flowery meadow?"

"Why is it never a flowery meadow?"

Is this really a Square Enix game? Well, take one look at the characters and the style is immediately obvious.

The strangest thing of all is that when we first watched the trailer, all we could think about was God of War. Now, considering how little is actually known about the game, that is very pre-emptive.

But have a look at the video for yourself and see if you can’t imagine transplanting our favourite Spartan into that footage.

*We’re greedy like that.