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Fat Princess Dev Diary Develops More Longing For Cake

Submitted by on Wednesday, 20 May 20095 Comments

fatprincesslogowhiteWe love princesses here at PS3 Attitude, the fatter the better.  Unless we have to carry them; in that case we hide the magical cake and break out the not-so-magical hand truck.

Bur never mind that, our friends at the PlayStation.Blog have shared with us a delicious bit of cake.  Or crumpet if you like.  Or video if you are being a pain about it.

This video is a developer diary featuring interviews with Craig Leigh from Titan Studios and SCEA Producers Deborah Mars and Matt Morton.  Why do you need to know their names?  Just so you know what to write on that ‘thank you cake’ you will bake for them once you get your hands on Fat Princess.  Trust us on this one.

Get the inside scoop on the creation and inspiration behind Fat Princess, including early concept art,  never before seen maps and environments and even how exactly Titan Studios came up with the name Fat Princess.

Some of you ‘homies‘ may have already seen this video in the HOME Theater, where it made its exclusive debut between May 7 and 14.  Don’t fret you HOMEless bunch; the video will make it to the PlayStation Store this Thursday for you to ogle in full HD.

Are you excited for Fat Princess as much as we are?  If not, why?  Have you no soul?  Or no more room for cake?