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Firmware 2.76 out now; Insta-Trophy Comparisonâ„¢ included

Submitted by on Thursday, 14 May 20095 Comments

Firmware 2.76With only a fractional increment in the version number, don’t expect the fresh 2.76 PS3 Firmware update to do a hell of lot in terms of new features or radical improvements.

In other words, for those of you holding out for cross game chat and other similar wonderments; we’re afraid you’re going to have to wait (for E3 no doubt).

The official PS blog heralded the new update as “coming soon” and, true to their word, PS3s around the globe detected its availability within hours.

So, what does it do? Practically nothing … or does it?

Though the company line is “This is a minor update that improves the playback quality of some PS3 format software”; just like every other release, Sony have taken the opportunity to tune existing functionality – usually stuff that was badly designed from the getgo and not something they’d want to highlight as now fixed in an update’s release notes – and pretend it was awesome all along.

Case in point: trophy comparison. Though we have yet to confirm ourselves, numerous reports are reaching us that comparing your trophy haul with friends is now pretty much instantaneous.

We’ll keep an eye out for any other tweaks and update this article if we find anything.