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First DJ Hero details announced; boggles the mind

Submitted by on Wednesday, 13 May 2009No Comment

DJ HeroWhen it comes to rhythm games, Activison is on the top of the list; releasing one Guitar Hero after another, the most recent being Guitar Hero: Metallica. Stepping aside from the guitar for a moment, the company sets its sights on another instrument, the turntable.

Now, they aren’t the first to deliver a DJ based rhythm game as Konami came out with Beatmania way back in 1997. After the success of the Guitar Hero series, we can only imagine that there are going to be many disc jockeys on the rise very soon.

According to the upcoming Game Informer preview, the turntable consists of two sections; a plate for the disc and a detachable section with all the buttons including a new Euphoria button, effects dial, and crossfader. Not so mind boggling, right? Wait till you hear how to actually play it…

“DJ Hero uses three scrolling tracks with the outside two being required to use the crossfader in order to work. The scroll track also slides left and right to indicate the direction of the crossfader.

The tracks will also have up or down arrows which indicate which way to scratch the disc. Along with this the player may also see an X button show up which allows them to scratch in either direction.

As you spin the buttery beats without screwing up you’re build up a Rewind Meter which will allows players to send the song to an earlier section. It wasn’t made clear if the player can choose which section or if it’ll be automated somehow.

The effects dial on the second part of the turntable comes into play with tracks that feature an overlay in certain parts of the song while the Euphoria button serves as the Star Power trigger.”

Confused? So are we. We’re sure that this makes plenty of sense to DJ enthusiasts but to the average Joe such as ourselves, we have no as to what they are talking about. A gameplay demo would clear things up very nicely but until we have more on DJ Hero, we’re just going to have to go with these details.