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Free Realms celebrates hitting 1 million users; gives away free stuff!

Submitted by on Monday, 18 May 20092 Comments

One MILLLLIIIOOON dollars! To celebrate the ensnaring of 1,000,000 registered players for what’s known around these parts as “world’s shortest beta”, Sony are gifting each and every one of the million Free Realms’ registrants with a free in-game commemorative t-shirt.

But that’s not all, they’re also decking your pets out in new duds and, a firm fan favourite, giving away free money, too!

Smashing previously held registration uptake records that we have neither the knowledge of nor the inclination to investigate, Free Realms has been a runaway success since its shock release on April 29th. Were you one in a million who registered, created a cool looking effeminate character with a killer soul-patch and then never partook of the cooking challenges? Well, time to brush off those pixie wings as here is the perfect opportunity to go in and wear your exclusive reward with pride.

Don’t forget to also dress your pet up in similar attire as Sony is giving away smaller pet versions of the free t-shirt and you know there’s nothing quite like matching owner/pet clothing that screams: “I’m desperately lonely and only this mangy animal understands me”. Or, you know, an unbreakable bond that no man should mock.

If you don’t like clothes or animals (where are we going with this?), you can also redeem the free 200 Station Cash now waiting for you as soon as you log in. Free t-shirts and money? Are we not in a global recession?