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Get your ass back to Mars this month for Red Faction’s multiplayer demo

Submitted by on Monday, 18 May 20092 Comments

Red FactionIf you spent the majority of your time with Red Faction’s single-player demo back in April thinking: “This is all well and good but I need to smack people I know in the face with my hammer”, apart from being someone we hope is now seeking psychological evaluation, you appear to be in luck.

THQ’s CEO Brian Farrell has confirmed to VG247 that a multiplayer demo of the martian mayhem romp will be in your destructive hands before the end of the month.

We enjoyed the single-player flavour last month for its openness and ability to literally lay waste to a great deal of the scenery and infrastructure on offer but one aspect of the final product that we know will be particularly attractive to many gamers is its online mode.

If you’re still on the fence regarding whether or not to pick up Red Faction when it hits at the start of June, THQ is hoping this further glimpse at what the full game has to offer will destroy said fence of indecision and send you tumbling towards the “must have” side.